About Us

World Medical Services

World Medical Services is a Bahrain based new medical equipment distribution company registered and started with a vision to bring the latest state of the art medical technology and solutions to the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Gulf.

Being end users of various innovative medical equipments in the healthcare industry for more than two decades and our growing never ending needs and the gaps in the access of proper and adequate healthcare technologies and solutions in the local market steeled our determination to open up a medical equipment distribution company in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

We look forward to work in close cooperation with the various medical equipment manufacturers and suppliers across the globe and establish reputation for bridging cultural barriers and bringing breakthrough medical technologies to the middle east.

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Our Group History and Milestones

Foundation Team Interior Designing and Constructions Bahrain Medical Center

Our Strength

  • Being the direct users of the various innovative medical equipments, the potential buyers and other healthcare service providers/users in the Kingdom of Bahrain will get the chance and opportunity to

    • See the equipments directly,
    • Use the equipment and get the confidence
    • Analyze the performance of the equipments in live scenario and
    • Feel the unique features and measure the treatment outcomes using the equipments at our centers.

  • • Most of the healthcare providers and the other industries in the Kingdom of Bahrain are clients to our services for more than two decades.
    • Our interior designing and construction company had undertaken and completed many healthcare renovation and re-designing projects, which give us the strength and confidence that we can setup the infrastructure according to the ideal specifications of each medical equipments.
    • Above all, the managing director of the company is well experienced in the field of healthcare and having great relationships and links with the whole healthcare service providers in the Kingdom of Bahrain.